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All the models and photos presented on this site are the original and exclusive property of L'Ondine.

Any public use in any medium, such as websites, blogs, forums or any type of printing, requires the consent of L'Ondine

and the photo should always be credited.

Send us any request by email .


Ordered the wrong size? No problem!
Resizing your ring is possible, at an additional cost, but only for rings purchased directly from our website.

Just send us a message with a note explaining the item you want to change and the correct size.

We will contact you privately for the details.

This service depends on the type of ring. Some of our designs may not be resizable.

Before finalizing your order, make sure you order the correct size, it will make life easier for everyone.

If you have any doubts about the size, check here:


The Ondine carries out quality controls on each piece of jewellery at each stage of production.

We are committed to providing reliable, quality and trustworthy expertise with every purchase.

Our jewellery is guaranteed for life. This applies to normal wear and tear and all manufacturing defects.

The warranty does not cover cases in which the jewellery has been broken, torn or scratched.

For any repair request, please contact us . Please include your name, description, photo of the damage and proof of purchase.

If we are able to repair it, we will send you shipping instructions.

Repairs take 4-6 weeks.

All repairs are subject to shipping costs, at the expense of the buyer.

We reserve the right to refuse unreasonable repairs, returns and exchanges.

Repairs without prior authorisation may be refused and we are not responsible for lost parts.

The warranty is not valid if the jewellery has already been repaired by someone other than L'Ondine.

The warranty does not cover cleaning of jewellery.

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